bio1“FALLEN ANGELS, Seattle’s premier thrash band, formed in 2002.  Fallen Angels has continued to be part of the underground music scene throughout the Pacific Northwest of the US since their inception, garnering a growing respect from their peers in the metal scene and new fans with every show.  In 2007 their music grabbed the attention of Metal On Metal Records and the band was offered a record contract.  Their latest album, WORLD IN DECAY, seems poised to launch them onto the global stage.




FALLEN ANGELS have taken a huge step forward since their last album, progressing both as songwriters and instrumentalists. The addition of Steve Spitzbart and Matt Be Roth has resulted in FALLEN ANGELS releasing their most accomplished album to date, World in Decay, due out in 2015. World in Decay is an album consisting of crafty arrangements and acoustic guitar interludes of extraordinary beauty, mixed with crunchy riffs, merciless outbursts of speedy thrash aggression, righteous exchanges of shredding, thundering yet melodic bass guitar, wicked syncopated double bass drumming and commanding vocals. It’s violent but technical thrash, reminiscent of classic thrash bands like TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN, TOXIK, REALM or ANNIHILATOR.

“We are all fans of Thrash as much as we are a band. We live for this stuff.” Says Steve Spitzbart, “You’ll see us in the crowd at shows headbanging away as much as you see us thrashing onstage.” The band’s passion for metal really comes through on this album.

World in Decay was produced by none other than legendary Bay Area thrash metal producer Michael Rosen (Rosen produced albums from TESTAMENT, FORBIDDEN, DEATH ANGEL, and many others). The crisp sound matches perfectly the band’s old school, ferocious, but technical style. Speed, aggression, precision, melody and the ever growing hunger to rise to the top, poise FALLEN ANGELS to compete for the thrash metal throne – they are the powerful sound of new talent building on its illustrious foundations. Prepare yourselves for a true thrash onslaught!


Live for metal, die for Fallen Angels!